Dataset: ZF200901: Youth in Border Region 2009


The aim of this study is the comparative empirical analyses of teenager’s orientations and motives of action in the border region Lower Austrian (Weinviertel), South-Moravia and Western Slovakia and to show the differences and similarities. Moreover, this study collects data which can serve as a basis for the development of support-concepts for the youth work on this and on the other side of the border. Especially the fields of politics, society and culture are systematically evaluated. The survey was conducted until now in the years 2005 and 2009.

The question catalogue consist of these parts:
importance of the various areas of life
happiness and overall satisfaction with life
equal rights
educational goals
working world
political commitment/social integration
trust (in public institutions/individual trust)
individual faith/belief
social commitment/social attitude
national identity

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ZF200901: Youth in Boarder Region 2009

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Christian Bischof , The Austrian Social Science Data Archive


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The Austrian Social Science Data Archive AUSSDA


The Austrian Social Science Data Archive

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ZF200901: Youth in Border Region 2009

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Mag. Dr. Michaela Hudler-Seitzberger
Mag. Claudia Tschipan


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Zukunftsforum Österreich

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Annual Fund (Oesterreichische Nationalbank - OenB) 13280


Depositor: Mag. Dr. Michaela Hudler-Seitzberger

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Adolescent persons aged 15 - 25 years

Kind of Data

Survey data


Dates of fieldwork: 30 March - 4 May 2009

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Cross section

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Market Meinungsforschungsinstitut, Linz

Mode of Data Collection

Interviewer survey (face to face)

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Questionnaire with predifined categories

Characteristics of Data Collection Situation

Overall 1200 persons, 400 per country

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SPSS (german dataset)


Free access for research and teaching


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Nesstar 200801

Questionnaire (german)

Questionnaire (slovak)

Questionnaire (czech)

Research Report (german)


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