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The Euromodule project is an international network to set up a mainly European comparing and comparable social reporting and quality of life research. By combining indicators of objective living conditions, subjective well-being, and quality of society, this new survey allows to investigate central aspects of the quality of life of European citizens. The current international survey projects are mainly concerned with political attitude and indicators for certain areas of life. They are not (or difficultly) accessible for scientific analyses. The Europeanisation of European communities and the catching up modernisation of Eastern Europe as well as the interdependency of European integration and global competition of social security systems create a problem-pressure on the socio-structural change. This change requires the scientific analyses with an appropriate basic data. Concepts of modernisation and the well-being development form the theoretical superstructure. The Euromodule initiative aims are the permanent monitoring of the socio-structural change and the well-being development. The Euromodule uses a questionnaire developed by several European and one extra-European countries. This questionnaire consists of two modules (main module and additional module). It was used as part of existing or in separate surveys. The data is collected in cross-section surveys.

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ZA4063: Euromodule

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Christian Bischof , The Austrian Social Science Data Archive


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The Austrian Social Science Data Archive AUSSDA


The Austrian Social Science Data Archive

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ZA4063: Euromodule


European Welfare Survey

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Social Science Research Center Berlin(WZB)


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Social Science Research Center Berlin (WZB)
Austria: WISDOM
International: see the study description

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Survey data


Survey period: Austria (April 2002); International  (May 1999 - April 2002)

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Cross section

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Austria: Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) International: see study description

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Austria: 502 cases
International: see study description


Austria: weighted   
International: see study description

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Central Archive Cologne

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Freely accessible for research and teaching


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Böhnke, Petra / Delhey, Jan / Fliegner, Florian / Habich, Roland / Huschka, Denis / Krimmer, Holger / Nauenburg, Ricarda / Rackow, Katja / Reimer, Sabine / Schnettler, Sebastian / Söhn, Nina (2002): Codebook Euromodule, Berlin: Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung

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NSDstat 200203

Questionnaire Euromodule Austria

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