Dataset: PLG0502: Labourmarket Monitoring I: Enterprise Suvey


The aim of LAMO (Labourmarket Monitoring) is the development, application and validation of a monitoring tool for the regular survey of the changes on the labour market in the course of the EU enlargement. Another goal is to complement the objective labour market data with information on the subjective willingness of people in the border regions to commute between home and work or to emigrate. Thereby, developments can assessed and this enables politics to react accordingly in time. The need for labour force in the regions is evaluated so that the whole labour market situation can be considered. The LAMO tools are expert interviews, household and enterprise interviews.  

The enterprise interview questions are on the following topics:
corporate structure, number of employees, requirement of employees (qualification, knowledge,type of employment), desired attitude to work, willingness to employ foreign workers, working conditions, recruiting sources, development of the number of employees, criteria for the choice of location.

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PLG0502: Labourmarket Monitoring I: Enterprise Suvey



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Christian Bischof , The Austrian Social Science Data Archive


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The Austrian Social Science Data Archive AUSSDA


The Austrian Social Science Data Archive

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Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung: Labourmarket Monitoring I. Unternehmensbefragung, 2005. Wien: WISDOM (Distribution), 2008

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PLG0502: Labourmarket Monitoring I: Enterprise Suvey



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Mag. Marc Bittner Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung
Dr. Michaela Hudler-Seitzberger Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung


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Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung PLG

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Municipal Department 27 - EU Strategy and Economic Development
Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth


Depositor: Mag. Marc Bittner; Paul Lazarsfeld Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung

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Survey period: November 2004 until February 2005

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Corss section

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Sampling Procedure

The sample of the enterprises was planed to represent the local economic structure and the variety of enterprises. The sample was taken in two steps:

1) In every single region, the total number of enterprises, which should be investigated, was identified. Starting point of the survey was Vienna, including 200 enterprises.
2) To include economic and structural conditions of the region, the following factors were considered: economic structure and branch (according to the regional economic centre of gravity );  size of enterprise (small-, medium-size- and large enterprises); ownership structure (foreign, domestic, regional); domestic/foreign orientation

Mode of Data Collection

in written form

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Questionnarie with predefined categories

Data Sources

The Sampling procedure is based on a spatial-structural background analysis of the communities, cities and enterprises within the LAMO-region by the Austrian Institute for Regional Studies and Spatial Planning (ÖIR).

Characteristics of Data Collection Situation

Sample size:

Austria, total: 372
Vienna 200
Lower Austria 129
Burgenland 43
Slovakia: 124  
Czech Republic: 161
Hungary: 73


The finalized questionnaire was translated into the languages of the different countries (Czech, Slovakian, Hungarian) and tested for its empirical capability. Then, the results of the testing period were retranslated into German (as an instrument of control of the translation) and finally the question program was released for empirical work.

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Bittner, Marc / Hudler-Seitzberger, Michaela (2006): Arbeitsmarktmonitoring - Struktur, Motive, Erwartungen und Wünsche des Arbeitsmigrationspotenzials in den Grenzregionen der Slowakei, Tschechiens und Ungarns mit Österreich. In: SWS-Rundschau Nummer 4/2006

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Nesstar 200801

Questionnaire (german)

Questionnaire (slovak)

Questionnaire (czech)

Questionnaire (hungarian)

Research Report (in 4 languages)


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